Nutrition Information

What’s in Rawsome? Organic sprouted whole flax seed meal, organic hemp seed meal, organic sprouted whole chia seed meal (Salba®), whole food dried fruit and vegetable concentrate (apple, orange, tomato, cranberry, broccoli, carrot, shitake mushroom).

NOW Foods Rawsome uses organic sourced nutrients to provide high-value nutrition in a small serving size, without unwanted chemicals and additives. Here are the 3 food techniques that are the backbone of providing RAWSOME with its amazing nutritional value.

Sprouted Grains

Sprouting, also known as germination helps concentrate nutrient levels, break down hard-to-digest food components to aid digestibility, and increases probiotics and antioxidant levels in seedlings. Sprouting turns some super foods into LIVE SUPER foods, where vitamin and mineral levels can increase up to 30 times. Increases in beneficial fibre and protein content are also seen, while both are converted into easier-to-digest forms. The proliferation of antioxidants and probiotics help protect the germinating seed, and provide wonderful nutritional benefits for humans. Seeds retain their nutritional value longer as the occurrence of rancidity is reduced. Sprouted grains are used in Rawsome to help build its overall nutrient value.


GrandFusion™ is a blend of whole food dried fruit and vegetable concentrates that provide a vast array of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients to RAWSOME. This blend combines concentrates of apple, orange, tomato, cranberry, broccoli, carrot and shitake mushroom to provide large nutrient values. The entire fruit/vegetable is used including skin and seed. The products have been slow dried and processed using a proprietary, low temperature technique that minimizes nutrient loss. This is why a tablespoon serving of RAWSOME meets or exceeds 100% of your recommended daily needs for Vitamins A, E, B6, Thiamine (B1), and more than half your needs for Vitamin D in just 70 calories, plus all the other micronutrients and antioxidants that these powerful nutritious foods provide.

Nutritional Panel

Here is why many feel it is:

There are no animal ingredients added to the Rawsome blend. It is 100% pure plant material.

The Smartgrain flax is sprouted in a hydroponic medium that includes natural, “organic approved” nutrients, including fish oil.  The medium provides nutrients that include EPA, DHA, Vitamin A, etc. that are found in wild fish oil. It is important to note that Certified Organic fruit and vegetable farmers in Canada commonly use blood meal, bone meal, ash from burned animals, feather meal, fish products, and many other by-products of animals that help to reduce needless waste and reduce the global footprint of food production activities. These natural fertilizers also provide rich sources of natural nutrition, the same way that your compost pile does or the moles, mice and insects that might naturally die and decompose in the garden would do.

We are very careful not to claim that this is a Vegan product, but we feel safe in stating that RAWSOME is vegetarian, and represent the ideals of present organic farming practices.